ABY+C Switcher
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Control three amps with this unique switcher.  It offers flexibility that other switchers can not.  

How it works:

A/B: allows you to toggle between amps A and B. Example of this function is if your using one amp for a clean tone and another for a lead, you could toggle between the two like a channel selector.

Y: Turns on both A and B together

Mute: Mutes A and B 

C: Is a completely independent output to A and B that can be turned on and off separate from A and B. Great for a wet channel or a third tone.

Insert: Allows effects to been inserted into the C channel only.  Three way switch allows for insert to be on at all times, only when A is on or only when B is on.  This allows for effects like boost and drives to be inserted to C to match A or B or Y.  

Runs off 9VAC 200ma