Model G-1 "Hellion"
Pictured "G-1 Hellion" and SC 1200 Cab
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G-1 Hellion $2799
SC1200 $699


100 Watts via 6L6 Tubes 

Two Channels - Clean, OverDrive - Footswitchable

Overdrive - Drive and Overdrive level control

3 - band EQ - Bass, Mids and Treble

Optional Effects Loop with Send and Return level controls and "hard" bypass

Alternate Voicings via Bright, Alternate Tone, Low Detail and Mid-shift switches

1 button Footswitch controlling Channel selection -
2 button w/EFX Option

Handcrafted in an all porcelain ceramic substrate

All aluminum chassis with stainless steel fastners

Custom magnetics from Mercury, USA

4, 8 or 16 Output Impedance, rear panel selectable

... the amp that started it all!