Tomtone Deluxe

"It's hard to describe 'tone' but Ladner Engineering knew exactly what I was looking for and nailed it with the Tomtone Deluxe. It's by far the most dynamic and musical sounding amp I've ever played. Actually it's not an amplifier, it's a music instrument…" - Tom Riepl

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Tomtone Deluxe Head $4250
SC1200TT Cab $1099


Selectable Class of Operation between 40 Watts Class A/B and 20 Watts Class A 

40 Watts Class A/B operation utilizes an Output Presence control

20 Watts Class A operation utilizes and Output Presence and Resonance control

All Custom wound transformers from Mercury Magnetics, USA

Two Channels - Clean, OverDrive - Footswitchable

FootSwitchable Effects Loop with Send and Return level controls and "hard" bypass

Alternate Voicings via Sparkle, Loose, Dimension and Tomtone™ switches

Unique Tomtone™ voicing, controlling the contur of the Mids and Lows

2 button Footswitch controlling Channel selection and EFX Loop operation

Rear Panel BIAS Test Points and BIAS Adjustment for ease of servicing

4, 8 or 16 Output Impedance, rear panel selectable.

Each Tomtone Deluxe purchase comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Tom Riepl and Ladner Engineering, a copy of Tom Riepl's album "Play" and a set of custom Tomtone picks.

Pictured "Tomtone Deluxe" Head, SC1200 TT Cab and "Tomtone" Head Case

The Official Tom Riepl Signature Amplifier

Sound Clips

Clips performed by
Tom Riepl